Who are SNEAKER RISE Sydney ???

The Sneaker Rise brand was established in 2016.

However the Sneaker Rise story began on the streets of Sydney’s Inner West during the mid to late 90’s. 

With Hip-Hop music & basketball reaching new heights of fandom it was clear that Sydney was transforming into one of the world leaders in street culture. 

Over the past 15 years we here at Sneaker Rise have worked tirelessly at capturing the essence of Sydney & its people in order to create a look that does it justice. 

Sneaker Rise is the place that you come to when you aren’t concerned with what brand name you have on your clothes, but you are concerned with the story that is behind it. 

We are striving to share our experiences & our culture with you through the only medium we know, fashion. 

Exclusively online our goal is to begin spreading the word via sneaker expos & other platforms that suit the Sneaker Rise brand. 

A brand name that has just been created with the goal of telling a story that has been in the making for years. Sneaker Rise promises to show you Sydney in a way that has never been done before


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